Princess Diana Spence was one of the most influential women to ever live and she is remembered to this day for how amazing she was. Diana used her fame and influence to try and make the world a better place and this is why she was loved by everyone. However, what many people don’t know about Diana is that she used to work a humble job during her teenage years. She was a nanny and the woman who employed her finally decided to speak out.

20. Princess Diana

As previously noted, Princess Diana Spencer was loved by everyone. The media had only good things to talk about her and she was like no other royal. This is why she holds a special place in the heart of the English people.

19. Good Deeds

The Princess believed that if she could set a good example for everyone else and spend all her time doing good deeds, then maybe other people would follow in her steps and make the world a better place.

18. Simple Girl

Before Diana married Charles and became a Princess, she was a simple girl. Her parents wanted to teach her valuable life lessons and they got a job for her as a nanny.

17. Diana The Shy

At first, the Princess was known as “Diana the shy”. The reason behind this is that she never did any interviews with the media or wanted her picture to be taken. She wanted to live a normal and quiet life.

16. The Nanny Job Edition

When Diana was a teenager, he parents decided that it was time for her to get a real job so they set her up with a nanny agency. It didn’t take long for Diana to be hired and it was by none other than Mary Robertson.

15. Revealing The Truth

Mary Robertson didn’t want to reveal that Diana used to work for her, but she now has decided to come out and spill the truth. However, she only has good things and praise to say about Diana.

14. Hard Worker

The woman who employed Diana to take care of her children still remembers to this day that the Princess was a hard worker. She never said no to any task that she was given and she always did her best.

13. Doing The Dishes

As you can imagine, Mary Robertson had no idea who Diana really was. If she knew that her nanny was royal, she wouldn’t have asked her to do the dishes and to clean the house. However, Diana didn’t mind the chores at all.

12. Strange Bank Check

The woman started noticing that there is something special about Diana when she took a look at her check. She noticed that all her money are going to a special account that is generally used to provide services for members of the royal family.

11. Who Are You?

Mary Robertson looked Diana in the eyes and asked her who she really is? Diana told her not to worry about it because she is no one special. Wasn’t the late Princess just amazing?

10. Secret Identity

The Princess did her best to keep her identity a secret, but this all ended when she announced her marriage with Prince Charles, the future King of England.

9. The Big News

Mary Robertson says that one day, Diana came to her and told her that lots of paparazzi are going to knock at the door. Mary Robertson didn’t understand what was going on and she thought that Diana did something wrong. She couldn’t be farther away from the truth!

8. The Wedding

Mary Robertson saw Diana on the TV screen and this is when things started making sense to the woman, her nanny was a member of the royal family and she was going to become the next Queen of England.

7. The Next Queen

Mary Robertson was in shock. The country’s next Queen was the woman who took care of her children and washed her dishes all along. She didn’t know how to feel about this.

6. It’s All Over Edition

The woman thought that her relationship with Diana was over, but this isn’t actually what happened. To Mary Robertson’s surprise, Diana kept sending letters to her. Can you believe that?

5. True Friendship

Diana never forgot about Mary Robertson and she made sure to keep in touch by sending letters. She couldn’t visit the woman’s house because hundreds of paparazzi would follow her, but she didn’t want to give up on the friendship as well.

4. Amazing Woman Edition

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that there will never be a more amazing Princess. Diana was a special person and there is no doubt about that.

3. The Sad Day

Unfortunately, Diana passed away in a car crash and the entire world mourned her death. Mary Robertson was one of the first people to come to her memorial and place a bouquet of flowers.

2. Great Memories Edition

Can you imagine how surreal it must be for Mary Robertson’s kids to remember her nanny as none other than Princess Diana? They surely had an amazing childhood.

1. Good Person

After all is said and done, Princess Diana was a good person at heart. Her memory is going to be kept alive forever and we can be sure that Mary Robertson will never forget about the time she spent with Diana.