If you think you had an awesome childhood having fun in your local playground, then you are not ready to see where Tippi Degré lived for the first ten years of her life! We need to warn you that while the pictures that you are about to see are incredibly beautiful, they are also quite scary, especially #11 and #6.

20. Tippi Degré

Tippi Degré is a little French girl who spent her early youth in Namibia, Africa. The little girl’s parents worked as wildlife photographers and they took incredible pictures of Tippi next to all types of wild animals starting with lions and ending with massive elephants!

19. Unusual Childhood


While most kids were out playing hide and seek with their friends in the local park, Tippi was running through the jungle. As crazy as this might be, she wasn’t afraid of all the wild animals that live in Africa and she loved to spend her time with them. Just check out the next picture and see for yourself!

18. Spotted Cheetah!


As this picture clearly shows us, Tippi is not an ordinary little girl. The fact that wild animals like this spotted cheetah get this close to Tippi and they don’t try to hurt her leads me to believe that she must be a Disney princess. The next picture is even more stunning!

17. Magical Photos


How many kids do you know that can tell a story about how a wild African elephant carried them on their trunk? Tippi is truly unique and her childhood is something extraordinary that you only hear about in books and movies. Let’s see what Tippi’s parents have to say about their unusual job.

16. Feeling Blessed


Tippi ‘s parents say that they felt blessed during their time in Africa. While most people were working in factories and shops, they got to enjoy the experience of a lifetime with their beautiful daughter right next to them. To make things even better, they managed to take lots of magical photos like the next one.

15. The Locals


One of the most incredible things about Tippi’s experience in Africa is the fact that the locals accepted her. Most African locals don’t want to share their culture with others, especially to allow them access to their celebration events, but Tippi got a pass!

14. Writing A Book


Even though more than ten years have passed since Tippi lived in Africa, the girl says that she will never forget the incredible moments she lived there. In fact, Tippi has now written a book called “Tippi: My Book of Africa” in which she tells her extraordinary story.

13. The Jungle Book


While most kids her age were watching animated movies like The Jungle Book, Tippi was living them! Just take this picture for example, when have you ever seen a little girl get this close to a baby lion? Can you imagine how fun it must have been to grow up in Africa?

12. Having Fun


Tippi didn’t need a special playground for her to play hide and seek because she had an entire jungle at her disposal! Instead of having to look for other kids to play with, Tippi could always get on top of an ostrich and ride around Africa. I bet that this must be a really fun experience!

11. Elephant Friends 


Truth be told, Tippi didn’t have that many children to play with while she lived there. However, she says that this was never a problem for her. She never knew what other kids her age were doing because she didn’t live in a big city and as you can clearly tell from these pictures, Tippi didn’t need to look for any playmates.

10. The Wildlife


“She was a lucky little girl. She lived in the wild until she was ten years old. It was just the three of us along with all the animals. We did not have much contact with other people” said Tipi’s parents. Do you think her parents were irresponsible for letting her play with animals like tigers and elephants?

9. Dangerous Animals


Even though it might seem like Tippi’s life was put in danger when taking some of these pictures, we couldn’t be more wrong. Tippi’s parents say that all the animals the little girl took pictures with were tamed. They lived in the same place with African locals and they were used to having people around.

8. Awesome Pictures


Tippi’s parents also say that their primary job was to take pictures of the African nature, but this wasn’t their main focus! The parents loved to take pictures of their daughter more than anything else. However, who can blame them because seeing a little kid playing with animals like ostriches and lions is not something ordinary…

7. Scary Beasts


The fact that Tippi got to spend her childhood among wild animals is the reason why these pictures went viral in the first place. The cool thing about this is that Tippi seemed to fall in love with the camera lens and you won’t believe what is her job now that she is all grown up.

6. Actress


From the looks of it, Tippi got used to being filmed because she is now an actress. She even filmed a show called “Around the world with Tippi” when she was younger and the theme of the show was to teach children important things about wild animals, something which Tippi was familiar with.

5. Big Frog


Tippi got to spend time with lots of exotic animals, but she enjoyed playing with frogs the most! The reason behind this is quite simple, frogs are adorable and seeing them hop around the place is hilarious to little kids.

4. Amazing Story


There aren’t that many people who can say they had a better childhood than Tippi and that’s a fact! Just imagine how awesome it must be to wake up in the morning and have a bunch of wild animals like tigers waiting for you to play with them.

3. Grown Up


Now that Tippi is grown up, she still goes to visit Africa from time to time. She will never forget the awesome memories that she has from when she was a little girl and visiting Africa is her way of reliving her childhood.

2. Hunting For Food


If there’s something that we can take from Tippi’s story, then it must be that nature is beautiful! Tippi had the time of her life while in Africa and we can be sure that not too many kids can say the same thing.

1. Here Is Tippi


Can you believe that this is Tippi? Tippi is no longer the little girl we saw in the pictures above, but we are surely going to hear from her again in the future if she continues her career as an actress.