A woman who just got married was diagnosed with cancer and even though she had high chances of beating it, she was sad about it because it meant that she couldn’t have babies any time too soon. Since she just got married to the love of her life, making a baby was her next dream. Fortunately, her twin sister decided to do something amazing and give her the gift of life. The twin sister asked if she could be the surrogate mother to her baby!

20. Danielle and Kaila


These two are Danielle and Kaila. They are twin sisters and they have been inseparable since birth. The connection between the two is powerful and as you can surely imagine, they love each other very much.

19. Inseparable Twins


It’s quite often for twins who grow up together to become inseparable. They share the same look and more importantly, they usually think alike and desire the same things. This is why Danielle decided to put it all on the line and help her sister have a baby.

18. The Next Step


Kaila had just gotten married and the next step in her life was to make a baby, maybe even two. If she would have twins she would be the happiest woman on Earth. Sadly, this is when she got diagnosed with breast cancer.

17. The Sad News

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Kaila was diagnosed with breast cancer and informed that she carried the BRCA gene. Even though Kaila’s chances of beating the cancer are really high, she was heartbroken because it meant that she couldn’t have a baby just yet.

16. The Truth


Kaila asked the doctor when does he think that she can have babies? The doctor didn’t have an exact answer and he told her that it might be five years, or maybe longer. This broke Kaila’s heart.

15. Heartbroken


Danielle realized that her sister is heartbroken and that she needs to do something about it. She started contemplating about offering her twin sister the best gift that she ever could. After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, Danielle decided to tell Kaila that she wants to be a surrogate mother for her baby!

14. Incredible Gift

Kaila was brought to tears when she heard what an incredible gift her twin sister wants to give her. She said that she never imagined that Danielle would even think about this, it never crossed her mind getting a surrogate mother.

13. The Power Of Love

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These two sisters love each other very much and there is no doubt about that. Even though Kaila never planned on getting a surrogate mother, she couldn’t deny the fact that Danielle was perfect for this role.

12. The Same Genes

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Danielle was not only her sister, but she was also her twin! This means that Danielle carriers the same genes as Kaila and that her baby is going to look just like her.

11. Baby Boy

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Kaila agreed to accept the incredible gift that Danielle offered and soon after, Danielle was pregnant with a baby boy. They both were super happy and Kaila couldn’t think about anything else.

10. Happy Woman

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Kaila was so happy that she was going to have a baby boy that she didn’t even mind going through the stress of having to take meds against cancer. Everything she ever wanted was coming true!

9. Tears of Joy

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Danielle says that her selfless gift to her sister was all paid back when she saw Kaila cry tears of joy after finding out that she is pregnant with a baby boy. Isn’t that amazing?

8. Healthy Boy

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The baby boy is healthy and he is going to live a happy life. The reason why we are saying this is because he doesn’t just have one loving mother, he has two!

7. Childhood Picture

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This childhood picture shows us that Kaila and Danielle have been inseparable since birth. The bond between them is powerful and nothing is going to damage their unconditional love for each other.

6. Happy Kids

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Kaila has always loved her sister, but now she has one additional reason. Danielle put her own life on hold in order to help her twin sister have the baby that she always wanted and this makes her a really special person.

5. The Gift Of Life

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There is no better gift that Kaila could’ve received other than the gift of life and we can be sure about that. Can you imagine how much of an amazing childhood the baby boy is going to have with two loving mothers by his side?

4. Happy Husband


We should mention that Kaila’s husband was also super happy that he is going to have a baby boy. He would’ve waited for Kaila to be ready but he can rest assured now knowing that Danielle is going to help them out.

3. Motivation


Kaila says that with the baby boy on the way, she now has all the motivation that she needs in order to beat cancer. She is going to be a great mother!

2. Little Boy


“My sister is giving us a gift bigger than we could have ever expected or imagined,” said Kaila. “We can’t even begin to thank her enough, but we owe her everything.”

1. Happy Family

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We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. The two sisters are happier than ever and once the baby boy is born, their lives are going to get even better.