The World’s Mysteriously Locked Doors

Photo: Twenty20/ @angiro.89

The Hall of Records

Photo: Twitter/DailyGrail

Another incredible mysterious door lies in Egypt underneath the Great Sphinx of Giza. There are records of unexplored chambers beneath the Sphinx, particularly one located under the left foot. Unfortunately, this chamber is blocked on both sides by modern construction that was implemented by the Egyptian government.

What could be hiding in this unexplored vault? The theory is that this locked chamber may contain the legendary Hall of Records: a vast library of the histories of civilization, rumored to even contain knowledge of the fabled Atlantis.

While the existence of caverns beneath the Sphinx is well known to archeologists, the Egyptian government has refused to allow further excavation. And it doesn’t look as if that will be changing any time soon. So, for now, the legend remains unproven and unexplored.