Homeless Man Returns $10,000 He Finds On The Streets And He Receives The Most Amazing Reward Ever

youtube.com/NBC News

What would you do if you found a check for $10,000 on the street? Even though the first thought that most people might have would be to cash that check, this is not what a homeless man by the name of Elmer Alvarez did. Despite being homeless and struggling to find food, Elmer Alvarez never forgot that he is a good person at heart. This is why he decided to return the $10,000 check to its owner and what Elmer Alvarez received in return as a reward changed his life forever!

20. Meet Roberta


Dr Roberta Hoskie is a successful woman who runs a real estate business. While she might be living a great life right now, this wasn’t always the case because just like Elmer Alvarez, she spent a couple of years on the streets as well.