Bar Adds The ‘Angel Shot’ To The Menu, You Won’t Believe What It Actually Means

We’ve all been there when a date seemed to just not work at all. According to statistics provided by, over 49 single people have tried to date using (at least once) online sites. And that’s a risk everyone assumes: meeting someone they never saw before or know almost nothing about. Since more than a half people lie about them on dating profiles, there’s no doubt many dates can be a disaster. And even if it’s not really a disaster, it can be uncomfortable or awkward.

For those moments when awkwardness would turn into a scene, women can ask the bartender an ‘Angel Shot.’ Here’s why this Shot is so important…

20. Escape an Awful Date

If you feel like something is not working or you’re in a situation where you’re feeling threatened but don’t want to make a scene of it, there are many tips online on how to handle the situation. However, we found a very simple way: order an Angel shot. Who came up with the idea?