90’s Slang That Doesn’t Age Well

Photo: Instagram/ cluelessthemovie

If you’re a child of the 90’s then you know it was an era of a new language. It was a time where slang took on a life of its own, and new words and phrases were springing up every day.

While some of the terms are still used today, there are definitely a few of them that we should probably let die. Here are some of the slang terms from the 90’s that shouldn’t follow you into the new millennium.

1. Talk to the hand.

Photo: Instagram/ squeeksontour

Back in the day, this was the ultimate rejection. Basically, it meant that whatever you had to say, nobody wanted to hear it. However, if you try to use this as a serious way to stop a conversation, you are more likely to get laughed out of the room rather than actually get the person to stop interacting with you. Nobody takes this seriously anymore!

2. As if!
The 1990’s classic flick Clueless made this phrase popular. Basically, if someone suggests something totally outlandish, “as if!” became the proper response. However, it lost its luster many years ago. Unless you’re doing a Valley Girl impersonation, this phrase doesn’t belong in mainstream conversations.

3. Hella
Hella used to be the hottest phrase in the 90’s. You used the term to throw a little extra emphasis on how you were feeling or the point you were getting across. Contrary to some people’s recent attempts at bringing it back, this is the type of word that immediately dates you (and sounds utterly silly)- so definitely avoid using it if you can help it.

4. Scrub

Photo: Instagram/ lisaandpacandliyahandne

You’ve probably heard the TLC song No Scrubs. Essentially, this term is used to describe a man with no prospects in life. Today, you may hear other terms for this type of individual, such as “lowlife.” Nobody tosses around the term “scrub” anymore.

5. Boo-yah
If ever a word could be embarrassing, it would undoubtedly be this one. Boo-yah was intended to express joy or total happiness with something. If you made a basket in a basketball game? Boo-yah. Aced a test? Boo-yah. You may hear a few diehard 90’s kids use this one today, but it’s definitely time to pull this one off the shelves.

6. Crunk

Photo: Twitter/ @allinhiphop

If anything about the 90’s made you excited, then “crunk” was the go-to term. Whether you were describing a Spice Girls concert or simply excited for a new haircut, crunk was used to explain it all. Fortunately, we’ve evolved to better terms to describe our excitement for an upcoming event.

7. Waaazzap?!
If you lived through the 90’s, then you know just how popular this phrase was. It was used as a greeting, but definitely more obnoxious than friendly. Do yourself a favor, don’t greet anybody like this today!

8. Phat
Phat used to be a term to describe someone’s attractiveness, and not in regards to their weight. A good rule of thumb is if you have to explain it’s meaning, then you probably shouldn’t use it. It’s also likely not a great idea to call someone phat today unless you are prepared for a punch in the face.

9. Pimpin’

Photo: Instagram/ thafourelements

In the 90’s if something was cool, it was “pimpin’. Thankfully however, that phrase sizzled out years ago. Nobody uses it in regular conversation anymore, and if you do, know that you are among the minority.

10. Home Skillet
No, this is not referring to a pan in your kitchen. Home skillet used to be a term of endearment for a relative or friend. It’s a little confusing as to why a skillet would be used to describe friendship. Perhaps this is why nobody uses it anymore. File this one under the ‘sheer idiocy’ column.

11. Oh, snap!

Photo: Instagram/ just_plain_kate

This phrase was used to describe a moment of surprise when insulting someone or telling a joke. However, it’s not a really descriptive phrase, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you get to the root of it.

12. Your mom!
If you really wanted to insult someone, then simply saying “your mom!” seemed to do the trick. I’m not sure if insulting mothers is outdated (not that it was ever in), or if this particular phrase just sounds too childish to carry on all these years later. Either way, just stop it.

13. Word.
In the 90’s, if you particularly agreed with something, you simply said “Word.” It’s a little confusing and not a great use of a person’s vocabulary. Feel me on this? (Murmur “Word” to oneself in one’s own head).