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Though our globe has been thoroughly explored, we are still uncovering incredible things that defy explanation and tantalize our imaginations. What’s more tempting than a locked door? Here are three mysteriously locked doors located at some of the most iconic sites in the world.

The Gateway of the Gods

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Located near Lake Titicaca in Peru, a sealed door and gateway are carved into the mountain of Hayu Marca in an area known to natives as “the city of the gods.” The carving is seven meters high by seven meters wide and contains a smaller doorway recessed in it, about two meters high.

There are a few different legends that surround this mysterious sealed gate, but the most popular is that it was a doorway to the land of the gods. The story goes that great heroes of the past would walk through the gate and gain immortality. Visitors today claim to feel a great energy whenever they touch the recessed area.

Interestingly, this gate resembles another famous Peruvian gate known as “the Gateway of the Sun” and five others like it. Archeologists have even found the ancient remains of a city beneath Lake Titicaca, which predates other cultures in the region. Who built these doorways and where does the sealed one lead?

The Hall of Records

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Another incredible mysterious door lies in Egypt underneath the Great Sphinx of Giza. There are records of unexplored chambers beneath the Sphinx, particularly one located under the left foot. Unfortunately, this chamber is blocked on both sides by modern construction that was implemented by the Egyptian government.

What could be hiding in this unexplored vault? The theory is that this locked chamber may contain the legendary Hall of Records: a vast library of the histories of civilization, rumored to even contain knowledge of the fabled Atlantis.

While the existence of caverns beneath the Sphinx is well known to archeologists, the Egyptian government has refused to allow further excavation. And it doesn’t look as if that will be changing any time soon. So, for now, the legend remains unproven and unexplored.

Vault B

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One of the most mysterious—and ominous—locked doors is located in Kerala, India in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. This temple dates back as early as the 6th century and is run by a trust headed by the royal family of Travancore.

In 2011, the royal family was accused of mismanaging the temple’s assets. As a result, a committee was assigned to explore and catalogue items in the temple. What they discovered were six enormous secret iron vaults that lacked locks, hatches, or any form of openings.

The vaults were labeled A-F, five of which the committee managed to open with great difficulty. Inside, they found troves of treasure: golden idols, diamonds, ceremonial costumes, and more… a collection amounting to over 22 billion dollars.

Yet there remains a single vault locked that could hide the world’s greatest treasure: Vault B, which is guarded by two cobras carved on the doors. Many speculate that to open this final vault requires a specific ritual. Others believe that successfully opening the door would only unleash calamity on the city, and potentially the whole world. Attempts have been made to open this incredible door, but it seems beyond our current technology. Perhaps we will never know what lies in the mysterious Vault B… and perhaps it is better that way.