There are thousands of stories about lost cities that are filled with tons of gold just waiting for someone to discover them. On the other hand, stories about archeologists actually finding lost cities are rare. However, today we have something truly special to show you because a man named Donald Blakeslee became a real-life version of Indiana Jones after discovering the lost  City of Etzanoa in a rural Kansas field.

20. The Lost City Of Etzanoa

People from Kansas have always talked about how a city called Etzanoa is hidden somewhere underneath the ground. In fact, there are multiple reports of people finding rare items such as arrows, pots and other types of artifacts from Kansas which make the story of Etzanoa believable.

19. Real-Life Indiana Jones

Donald Blakeslee is an archeologist who heard stories about the lost City of Etzanoa and he was determined to find it. The archeologist gathered a large team of experts and headed to a rural field in Kansas were multiple artifacts were discovered in the past.

18. Huge City

This picture is an artist’s depiction of what the lost City of Etzanoa looked like. As we can clearly see, this used to be a large city and the wonders that it might hide go beyond imagination.

17. Finding The Truth

Donald Blakeslee was determined to find the truth about the lost City of Etzanoa and without wasting any more time, he took his team of experts and headed to Kansas. Little did he know, he was about to stumble upon one of the world’s most incredible historical discoveries.

16. Lost In Kansas

The archeologist listened to all the stories that people had to say about the lost City of Etzanoa and came up with an idea of where it might be located. To his surprise, the location was in the middle of a rural field, but this didn’t discourage him from digging up.

15. Suspected Location

Now that our real-life Indiana Jones had an idea of where the lost City of Etzanoa might be hidden, he gathered his team and left for Kansas. Just one day after the digging process started, Donald Blakeslee already managed to find something incredible!

14. Rare Artifacts

The archeologist was able to find a large number of pots hidden behind the first layer of dirt where his team started digging. This proved to him that the story of the lost city might actually be true! You won’t believe how many people were believed to live in this city.

13. The Digging Site

Historians say that the lost City of Etzanoa had a population of more than 20,000 people and that it was buzzing with life between the year 1450 and 1700. Just imagine how many artifacts Donald Blakeslee could find if more than 20,000 people lived in this lost city.

12. Finding More Items

A couple of days passed and Donald Blakeslee could confirm that he actually found the lost City of Etzanoa because his team kept digging up more artifacts. However, you will be amazed to see what Donald finds next!

11. Finding Something Strange

As Donald and his team were digging up the site, the archeologist found something rather strange. It was a stone with some weird carvings on it. Seeing this, Donald tasked his team to keep digging to see what they might stumble upon.

10. Random Holes

As the team was continuing to dig on the site, random holes started appearing everywhere. At first, Donald didn’t know what to make of it but what he found next made his jaw drop!

9. What’s This??

It didn’t take long for the archeologist to realize that these holes are not random and that they serve a purpose. Even though Donald had no idea what was the purpose of these man-made holes, he came up with a brilliant idea to test their use.

8. Brilliant Idea

Donald was drinking water from a bottle when a brilliant idea came to his mind. What would happen if he poured some water over these strange holes? Where would the water go?

7. Hidden Canals

The water started spreading quickly through canals that Donald and his team didn’t see before. Seeing this, everyone was left in awe and they all started following the water stream.

6. Irrigation System

Donald could not believe what he had found. The people who lived in the lost City of Etzanoa have managed to create an irrigation system. Isn’t this incredible?

5. Arrows

Not only were the people of the lost City of Etzanoa smart enough to create an irrigation system through stone, but they also had lots of weapons. The archeologists found lots of arrow tips which led them to believe that these people were fierce hunters and warriors.

4. Incredible Discovery

Even though the thought of finding the lost city felt like chasing a wild dream to Donald Blakeslee, his dream was coming true! The archeologist actually managed to find a lost city!

3. Piece Of History

Donald Blakeslee is saying that the lost City of Etzanoa is a valuable piece of American history and that he hopes his findings are going to be shown in history books.

2. Visitors

Now that this historical city has been discovered, Donald and his team are doing their best to recreate it and to dig it all up. The reason they are doing this is because they want to give people a chance to see how native Americans lived like.

1. Indiana Jones

Stories like this are usually shown only in Hollywood movies such as Indiana Jones. We think it’s safe to say that Steven Spielberg might have just found an interesting plot for whenever he decides to create another Indiana Jones movie.