It was a casual day for a truck driver in California when he saw something strange on the road… Upon approaching closer, it was made sure that this was an animal, but what was it? Was it a sheep? Was it a deer? This story is full of unexpected surprises that even professionals like Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue, the most active fawn rescue team in California, wouldn’t imagine experiencing!

20. Truck Driver Is Shocked

A truck driver from California was driving his truck down the street when something shocking happened. It was a usual morning for the truck driver but little did he know that later this morning he would do something amazing!

19. Something Strange On The Road

The truck driver saw something strange lying on the road ahead of him. He was far enough and he couldn’t discern what was it… He decided to take a look closer.

18. What’s This?

Even upon approaching closer, the truck diver realized that this was an animal but he couldn’t understand what was it. He got off his truck and managed to approach the strange-looking animal.

17. A Baby Sheep?!

It was a baby sheep! But was it? The truck driver helped the sick animal and brought it on his truck. He knew that he had to do something for it but didn’t know what… Then he noticed this…

16. He Thought It Was A Sheep

The driver decided that it would be a good idea to call for help, but he didn’t know any rescue team that was helping sheep. Then he realized it! This animal that he had just saved wasn’t a sheep at all! What was it?

15. Strange Looking Deer

The animal that he had just saved was a tiny white deer! He just couldn’t believe it! He had just saved a baby deer! White deers are extremely rare and the driver knew that he had to do something quickly!

14. Called Help

The truck driver thankfully was aware of a wild animal rescue team called “Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue”. The team was dedicated to exclusively helping troubled fawns, tos they were a perfect match for this situation. The driver called the and waited with the deer.

13. Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue

Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues, raises and releases an average of 50-80 fawns a year! The team is focused on helping fawns and is 100% 0perated by volunteers! Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue responded quickly and soon they were with the strange-looking white deer…

12. Took It In The Shelter

The rescues arrived on the spot and took the tiny deer back to the shelter. They thanked the truck driver for his heroic rescue and told him that if it wasn’t for him, the little deer would most likely have been hit by a car.

11. Strange Discovery

Upon visiting the vet, the rescuers realized that this wasn’t a normal white deer. They had a theory about it but they had to do some extra examinations in order to be sure. If they were true, this ltite strange-looking deer would be one of the rarest deers that they had ever rescued!

10. Spirit

In the meanwhile, they decided to name the deer “Spirit”. Spirit was now ready to have veterinary help and start her recovery process. But the rescuers had to do one more test!

9. Extra Examinations

The weird snowy white color as well as it’s red eyes and light colors made the rescuers think that they had a very special kind of deer in their shelter. Can you guess what did they were thinking?

8. Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue’s Work

Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue’s is the only active full-service fawn rescue and rehabilitation center in California and as mentioned before they operate 100% on volunteers. This means that they rely heavily on donations and funding in order to continue their amazing work! As of today, nothing seems to stop them! But what happened with this exam that the tiny white deer took?

7. Albino Deer

It was official! The tiny white deer, “Spirit”, was an albino deer! Albino deers are an extremely rare find – especially being this young without its mother- and the rescuers knew that they had to pay special attention to it!

6. Recovery

The recovery process has already begun for Spirit and the rescuers will make sure that she recovers 100% until she’ll be able to be released back in the wild. “She is currently doing very well,” Stratton-Quirk added. “She is eating and gaining weight!”

5. Will Take Some Time

The rescuers say that this will take many weeks, even months in order for Spirit to be able to support herself in the wild. The rescuers though were concerned about something.

4. They Have To Be Sure

The rescuers were concerned about how would Spirit be reintroduced into the wild while being an albino deer. Thankfully, they found out that they are already established group of deers with albinism in the area so Spirit will be surely safe and sound!

3. Still In The Shelter

As of today, Spirit is still in Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue’s shelter and she’s recovering steadily and slowly. The strange-looking deer had attracted the attent

2. Will Be Released

Soon Spirit will be healthy, strong and energetic and the rescue team will have to say their goodbyes. The team has already found an area where deers with albinism are often spotted so they aim to release her near this area as soon as she’s ready!

1. Thanks To Him

In retrospect, Spirit has been given a second chance in life. She found herself in a place that people are taking care of her and making sure that she is 100% recovered to be reintroduced into the wild. It was all thanks to the hero truck driver that went out of his path to help the tiny white deer!