David Darrow, the angry passenger said: “Yesterday I took a 10:00 am a flight from Phoenix to Charlotte and it was the most emotionally draining flight I have ever taken. I have never cried so much for someone I did not know as I did yesterday. I boarded highly aggravated and angry. (If you fly all a lot you’ll understand holiday travel: it’s absolute madness),”. Let’s see how all of this happened!

20. Uh, Flights…


Flying is by far the safest and fastest mean of transportation but sometimes it tends to be the more inconvenient one! Many people suffer from a fear of flying while others can’t bear going through security. This leads to angry passengers boarding planes on a daily basis. David Darrow who boarded a flight in July 2019 wasn’t a calm passenger for sure. But something happened this day that would turn his mood around faster than light!

19. Boarding The Plane


David was flying from Phoenix to Charlotte for the 4th of July holiday weekend. David flies a lot so going through all the hassle at the airport has become second nature to him but this particular day everything went wrong. David managed to arrive at the gate and soon boarded the airplane when this happened.

18. Pilot Stood Up


After the gate was closed and all the passengers were on the plane, something unexpected happened. The pilot stepped out of the cockpit and reached to the P.A system. He said that he had a special request for the passengers. For David, this meant only one thing… flight’s being delayed…

17. David Was In A Bad Mood


It’s worth here to say why David has been in such a bad mood. David had woken up late and he drove like a maniac to the airport. After this stressful situation, he had to navigate through the holiday crowds to the security where he was searched extensively. On top of this, he had a serious headache. You definitely can sympathize with this guy, can’t you?

16. What Was Up With The Flight?


David was sure that something was wrong with the flight. The pilot was just standing there outside of the cockpit, “waiting” for the right moment to make his announcement. David was baffled and he was becoming more and angrier as the minutes were passing and the plane was staying on the ground…


15. Something Strange At The Airport


At this point, David realized that the engines of the aircraft were shut off. This meant that the plane had no intention to depart soon. Then he looked out of his airplane window and noticed a strange vehicle approaching the airplane. The pilot started speaking…

14. Strange Request


“I thought ‘Now what? And I got even angrier because I was going to miss my connection,’” David said. “And then this happened.”. The pilot asked the passengers to pause for a moment of silence. David was now intrigued. What was happening?

13. Missing His Connection


David was becoming furious. It was now official that he would most likely lose his connection flight in North Carolina and he couldn’t be more upset. He reached to a flight attendant to ask what’s going on. This is the answer he got.

12. He Looked Out Of The Window


The flight attendant pointed to the window and David finally looked out of it. What he saw made him realize the reason for the delay and only minutes later he was bursting into tears… What was it?

11. A Box?


David saw a long box that was wrapped with a big American flag. Things were starting to get weird. Some people were slowly loading the strange looking box inside the airplane. Then David realized what was happening!

10. A Casket


This was no ordinary box… this was a casket. It all made sense now. That’s why the pilot asked for a moment of silence. The pilot addressed the issue from the P.A system and everyone broke into tears.

9. American Soldier


The casket contained an American soldier that had fallen while serving in Afganistan and was being flown home to North Carolina. That’s why the plane was delayed as the casket had to be loaded into the plane last. Then the inevitable happened…

8. Everyone Started Crying


No one on that plane could help it… “The captain came out of the cockpit and address the passenger in person. He was a guy who also served and his four kids are currently serving and he did not keep it together and we all cried. The entire flight I looked at the floor of the plane crying as I knew this fine gentleman is down there so I can sit here and eat peanuts.”, David said.

7. Feeling Guilty


David admitted that he started to feel guilty at this moment. He was overwhelmed by the sadness of this incident and he started to question his problems, like the flight being delayed. “I felt guilty and so sad. My problems seemed trivial,” David said. “Here I was flying home to be with my family for the 4th. Here he was going to with his family to be buried on the 4th.”

6. 4th Of July


David continued his internal dialogue: “You see this is what the 4th of July is about. This is why we are free to argue over an athlete and a pair of tennis shoes. It about a sacrifice of men and women who since 1776 have laid down there lives so I can eat hotdogs and drink beer and watch fireworks.”

5. Respect To American Airlines

David and the passengers soon realized how American Airlines handled this incident and they couldn’t be more happy to fly with them.  “I wanted to share this because it is the 4th of July I will never forget. My problems melted away and I was so proud of America and American Airlines for showing so much respect,” he wrote.

4. David’s Request


David, at last, wanted to say one final thing: “Please keep his family in your thoughts today,” David, concluded. “Because somewhere in North Carolina a family is burying there son, dad, brother, sisters and his mother are saying goodbye today.”

3. Flight Took Off.


Finally after the loading of the casket was finished, the flight left the gate and approached the runway. It was obvious at this point that this was going to be a strange flight as everyone was quite emotionally drained by what happened just minutes before taxi.

2. Oddly Silent


Indeed the whole flight was oddly silent. There were no talking, no loud noises as if everyone on board wanted to extend this moment of silence and pay their respect.

1. Landed Safely


The plane landed safely in North Carolina and there was a short delay as ground staff had to unload the casket. David’s whole world was changed by this flight and we’re sure he learned a lot from this experience!