Living in an area where there are many trees and nature in general, it means that you might have some wild visitors from time to time. That’s what happened to a woman that was living in Illinois. She couldn’t believe her own eyes when she saw what was hanging out in her porch. Thankfully her grandson managed to capture all of it!

20. An Unexpected Incident

Noone would expect what happened in May 2019 to a woman who lived with her family in Ilinois. She was lucky enough to be present to a heartwarming sight! Click next to find out what melted her heart!

19. Strange Visitors

Even though many won’t believe it, she discovered an unexpected visitor that made this woman’s porch its playground without even asking! Do you want to know who were these unexpected visitors? Click next!

18. A Fox Baby!

It was a really cute fox baby! The woman’s grandson, who was a Redditor named Vechrotex, shared some really cute photos of the incident that happened on his grandma’s porch and everyone on Reddit loved it!

17. Wild Guests


As Vechrotex claimed it was usual to have wild visitors in the porch, because the house was built in an area that was surrounded by many trees and many wild animals used to pass by, but that incident was truly unexpected.

16. Wanting To Taste The Glassdoor

At first, the baby was watching from a distance. Noone could expect what the little fox did next! The cute animal took the courage and approached the glassdoor of the house and licked it.

15. Sharing The Sight

Thankfully, Vechrotex managed to capture the moment and took the picture of the baby fox licking the glass door. Reddit went crazy when he shared it and his post went viral! It took even more than 100,000 upvotes!

14. Coming Back To Say Hi

The little fox liked so much the woman’s porch that decided to visit the family the next day, too. Once again, Vechrotex shared a picture of the baby and everyone was happy with that!

13. Double Trouble

The next morning, as Vechrotex informed Reddit, the baby brought another wild visitor with it to show him its playground! It was its sibling! What is cuter than a baby fox? Two baby foxes!

12. Porch Or Playground?

The now two little foxes had the time of heir life in the porch! They were playing, running around and they didn’t even care that Vechrotex was watching them from a distance taking pictures!

11. Last Update

The last update on the fox family that Vechrotex shared on Reddit was this: “Another update to the baby foxes: his friend caught his tail!”

10. A Safe Environment

He also wrote that whenever the baby foxes were playing, there was always somewhere nearby their mother looking after them and making sure that everything was safe.

9. The Comments

Since the day that Vechrotex posted the fox story, all the Redditors wanted to be part of it, so most of their comments were funny, filled with love and one of a kind!

8. The Funniest One

One of the funniest and most accurate comment was that: “all they needed was a Bloodhound puppy, and then they could remake the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound!” as a Redditor wrote.

7. A Great Story

“All grandma needs now is a neighbor with a bloodhound puppy and we have the makings of a great movie,” Vechrotex said laughing as he pictured it into his head.

6. Another Cute Story

After Vechrotex published his story, a Redditor also shared a heartwarming event that happened to his neighbor. He managed to bring a fox family together after they had lost each other.

5. Update

On June, a Redditor contacted Vechrotex to learn if there was anything new with the baby foxes that everyone loved so much. Redditors were touched with this story and wanted to know how the babies were doing.

4. Everything Was Good

Vechrotex informed the fans of the baby foxes that his grandmother had seen them hiding in the woods. She told him that they had grown and that they had started hunting alone.

3. Hopping For a Comeback

They also had stopped playing in the yard, but everyone was hoping that one day they cute babies would come once again to say hi and play in the porch.

2. Becoming Stronger

“The normal thing to happen before and after the pictures where taken was you would see them deep in the woods behind the house with their mom. I’m sure they’re older now and hunting by themselves, but I would have to ask my grandma,” Vechrotex wrote on his account.

1. One Heartmelting Story

This story made everyone happy and the cute photos of the baby foxes that Vechrotex uploaded melted their hearts even more!