Katie Page is an amazing woman and her story went viral when people found out that she has dedicated her life to saving children in need. She was going through a difficult time in her life having divorced from her husband and she was ready to start a new chapter. This is why she moved across the country to a new state and she started a foster home. Little did she know, a miracle would happen and she would end up becoming the mother of two adorable children.

20. A New Chapter

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Katie got divorced from her husband and she was ready to start a new life. She looked at a map of the United States and decided to pick the most faraway state from her home which was Colorado.

19. Moving to Colorado

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We have to give praise to Katie for being so bold to move across the country. Nonetheless, the first thing she did once she arrived in Colorado was to rent a big house with four rooms. Although, it was a “fixer up” house.

18. New House

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The reason why Katie’s new house is labeled as a “fixer up” is because it has lots of problems that will cost thousands of dollars to repair. Luckily, Katie had lots of free time on her hands and she started repairing the house all by herself.

17. Message From Church


Things start getting interesting when Katie receives a message from a church that she recently joined. The church is asking women if they can help make the world a better place and become foster moms.

16. Foster Mom

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Katie has always been great with kids and the idea of making the world a better place brought a smile to her face. She knew that she had found her calling in life.

15. Brave Decision

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Taking in foster kids is not an easy job. It’s an immense responsibility and Katie is an amazing person for deciding to do just that.

14. Four Kids

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It didn’t take long for Katie to have four foster kids running around her house. However, there was one kid who stood out the most to Katie. His name is Grayson.

13. Meet Grayson


While most kids came and left Katie’s house, there was a little boy that didn’t have anywhere to go. His name was Grayson and the only person he knew in this entire world was Katie.

12. Special Boy


Even though Katie never planned for this to happen, she started loving Grayson as if he was her own child. She knew that the little boy doesn’t have anywhere to go and she decided to do something truly incredible.

11. Adopting Grayson


All of Katie’s relatives were amazed to find out that she wants to adopt little Grayson. Isn’t Katie just a great woman? She is really making the world a better place.

10. Happy Family


Grayson was all that Katie ever wanted. She now had a family and it’s crazy to think that it all started with a message that Katie received from her local church.

9. Strange Call


After spending a couple of months with Grayson, Katie received a strange call from a nearby foster home. The staff members were asking Katie if she could take in a small girl.

8. The Little Girl


Even though taking care of a little girl is no easy task, Katie was more than ready to do it. She knew that the little girl didn’t have any other options because her birth mother abandoned her at a nearby hospital.

7. Katie Notices Something Interesting


It didn’t take long for Katie to notice that Grayson and the little girl were getting along really well. Not just that, but the two looked alike. This made Katie wonder if they aren’t somehow related.

6. Checking The Papers

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Grayson was also abandoned by his birth mother and this meant that there is a high chance of him and the little girl to be siblings. This is when Katie knew that she had to check their documents.

5. Finding Out The Truth

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Seeing how much these two looked alike, Katie decided to call the people who are in charge of the foster home and ask them for additional details. She couldn’t believe what answer she received.

4. The Same Birth Mother!


The documents showed that Grayson and the little girl have the same birth mother! This was both heartbreaking because they have been both abandoned at birth, but also amazing because the siblings have found each other.

3. Miracle


Katie says that she now believes in miracles. How else are two siblings who never met each other arrive in the same foster home?

2. Hanah


Katie didn’t waste any time and she adopted the little girl as well. She named her Hanah and they now form a big family.

1. Great Woman


We want to end our story by giving Katie praise for being such a great woman. Even though this was never her plan when she moved to Colorado, she ended up saving many lives.