A farmer’s job implies caring for crops and animals, but the lives of two farmers from two totally different places were about to get more exciting after they stumbled upon some strange things. What made it so interesting is that it all happened on the same day, and while being nearly 10,000 km apart!
These farmers have some great tales to share with their grandkids, but first, let’s see them in action as they reveal their unearthed objects that were strangely connected. Was it pure coincidence?

20. A Strange Round Boulder



Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas from Argentina was having a great morning, which began with a walk around his property. He was strolling by the stream that ran through his plot and noticed something that was a bit out of place. There was a massive round stone as if it appeared from nowhere! He got a bit closer and then jumped back when he realized he wasn’t actually looking at a boulder!


19. He Called For His Wife


This was a very strange discovery, considering Jose has never seen this stone in that spot, so he called for his wife Reina to show her the unidentified object. Together, they concluded that it was a situation they couldn’t handle on their own, so experts had to be called…

18. Police Officers Showed Up


Jose was quite curious about the origin of the round object, so he got a bit deeper in the mud to check it out. It didn’t help him realize what the boulder was.
When in doubt about who to call, reach out to the local police station, and the officers should then contact the proper officials that can solve this mystery. That’s what Jose did.

17. Better Be Safe Than Sorry


Not knowing what it really was, neither Jose nor Reina got too close to the boulder. The police arrived, and the news about this mysterious round object spread like wildfire. More people came to see what was going on. As the officers arrived at the scene, they looked at the thing, scratching their heads. Then, one of Jose’ dogs approached the object!

16. Jose’s Dog Started Barking


We know dogs’ senses are sharper than ours, so something was off when one of the farmer’s dogs approached the newly discovered boulder. The dog gave the officers a lead, as it started barking and sniffing towards the thing. Something was off, and then the officers realized what to do next…
Before we find out what Jose discovered, let’s head to the other farmer and learn a bit about his rather strange morning on his farm.

15. The Michigan Farmer


Nearly 10,000 km away from Jose was James Bristle, a farmer from a small town in Michigan. On the same day, he’d make a huge discovery, as baffling as the one made by Jose. The only thing that connects the two farmers is their massive discoveries. What did James stumble upon?

14. Getting Ready for The Winter


Farmer James was ready to excavate part of the rarely used soy field and put a natural gas line. He wanted to get the job done before winter would get too close. As he started digging, he unearthed a strange item that began the adventure of his life!

13. He Was In A Hurry


James had to finish installing the natural gas line before the first snow, so he worked from early morning to sunset, using his trusty backhoe. The soft soil was perfect for digging, and the fact that it had very few rocks also was in his favor. But the bucket of the backhoe scraped across something that didn’t sound like a rock…

12. Investigating the Strange Object


As James hopped from the vehicle, he started using his hands to find out what he hit. It was a smooth and hard object, still buried in the ground. He continued digging with his hands until he grabbed something that didn’t resemble a stone or a tree root. It was a bone he’d never seen before.
Let’s head back to Jose, and see what he actually had on his farm and why it’s connected to the discovery in Michigan.

11. The Police Called Archaeologists


The object was not a large stone, but also not a dinosaur’s egg, that’s for sure. The only way to learn its true origin was to call experts from the archaeology field. Two scientists arrived on Jose’s farm, and after a minute of checking it out, they reached the conclusion that this was an ancient relic!

10. They Had to Dig It Out and Take It To The Lab


The archaeologists had just started their study – they had to examine the relic in their laboratory to prove their theory. But to do that, they had to start digging it out!
Digging around and under it made people think that it was an egg, but although the texture and shape suggested it was, the archaeologists knew it was a shell, but not an eggshell…

9. A Fossilized Shell


Scientists took the huge relic to their lab and analyzed it, identifying its origin and dating it. It turned out these were the fossilized remains of a huge turtle! It actually looked like an ancient armadillo that lived in the middle of the dinosaur era. It’s called Glyptodon, and its history is somewhat connected with the discovery made in Michigan!

8. The Rib Bone of a Huge Animal


Back in Michigan, James looked at the large bone he had in his hands and realized that it once belonged to a huge animal. He continues to search for more clues, and as he stumbles upon more bones, he admits the situation is too much to handle on his own…

7. Calling Experts


After a day of digging out more strange bones, James already dug out a huge hole. Seeing that the work was overwhelming, he decided to call in experts. Archaeologists showed up, carrying on with the dig, reaching a 10-feet hole! James’ discovery became viral all over the world as national news outlets came to film him and the crew. One morning, they would all be in for a huge surprise!

6. A Skull with Long Tusks


So far, archaeologists uncovered bones, but then they were left in awe as more digging revealed a perfectly-formed skull and very long tusks. It was now clear what the soy plot has been hiding all along: the remains of a wooly mammoth!

5. Proving Their Theory


Just like the archaeologists from Argentina went to the lab with the remains of the Glyptodon, the archaeologists in Michigan had to take out the skull, tusks, and other bones to study them and date the fossils. It was quite a tough job, considering that they had to take them out from such a huge hole…

4. Using an Excavator


They had to use an excavator to take out the skull and gently place it on a platform to transport it safely to the lab. As they began their research, the archaeologists were in for a treat!
Although they have unearthed a total of 30 woolly mammoth fossils, the one found in James’ farm was the largest of them all! But that’s not everything…

3. Humans Have Touched The Fossil In The Past


The researchers found out that humans had previously handled the remains of this mammoth back in the past. It’s also known that humans did hunt for mammoths in the past, so this could be further proof. The fun fact is that the Glyptodon found in Jose’s farm was also an animal humans hunted back then!

2. A Great Decision


Both the Glyptodon and the woolly mammoth were donated by the farmers to museums.
The Glyptodon still “sort of” lives as a very distant cousin – today’s armadillo shares many traits the Glyptodon had, such as the hard shell and long snout.

1. Two Incredible Discoveries


Finally, the two farmers’ discoveries are connected through the fact that they both showed us part of those ancient times. The fossils show us there’s much to learn about how our planet was back in the past.