Everyone that has ever owned a pet knows pretty well the bond that can be formed between the pet and the owner. That happens especially with dogs, that they are considered as man’s best friend. So it is heartbreaking whenever your pet goes away from you for whatever reason. That’s what happened to Eddie Collins, who’s beloved dog went missing. You will never guess what he did to get his best friend back! Make sure not to miss #15, #13 and #12! You will be shocked!

20. A Loving Relationship

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Eddie Collins adored his fluffy best friend and they were inseparable! Collins was from Arizona and he and his little doggo had formed a very special bond. The cute puppy was a two-year-old Chihuahua and her name was Jenny. However, Collins would never imagine that his best friend suddenly wouldn’t be by his side! Click next to find out what happened!

19. A Horrible Event

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It was just another ordinary day for Collins and his little pooch when something terrible happened! The horrible incident took place in April, at Circle K on Ina and Silver Belt. That’s where the poor doggo went missing and Collins lost his best friend. What he did after that will take your breath away! Click next!

18. Hopeless

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Since the day that the incident took place, Collins did everything in his powers to find his beloved puppy and continue the happy life that they had together. But the news wasn’t good. Collins was searching and searching without finding something and even though all the sign were discouraging, he didn’t give up. Continue reading to find out what happened next!

17. Discouraged

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There was no sign of hope for Collin, as even though he had searched everywhere, there was no sign of the little pooch! “I’ve looked everywhere. I go to the dog pound every day,” Collins said to us. However, nothing seemed to work and as a result, two months passed without finding the poor dog, even if Collins had offered a cash reward, but his tries came empty-handed.

16. Drastic Measures

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So because he didn’t see results with the cash reward, he decided that to get his beloved friend back, he had to take more drastic measures. What he did wasn’t simple and for sure, it wasn’t small. “I just want to have Jenny back,” Collins said to those who questioned his decision.

15. A One-Bedroom Home

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Yes! Instead of a cash reward, Collins was now offering a one-bedroom home in a desperate attempt to get Little Jenny back. “I’m offering a piece of property with a one-bedroom home,” Collins said. He was determined to reunite with his friend no matter what the cost would be!

14. Willing To Do Anything

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“I’m willing to give the land, the trailer, the workshop, all of it free and clear, no questions asked. I just want to have Jenny back,” Collins admitted. He would never stop until he could find the puppy and money or properties meant nothing to him in comparison with the love that he had for his pooch.

13. A Cry For Help

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So, for more people to find out about his offering, on Friday, he announced it at the News 4 Tucson and started asking everyone to help him reunite with his long lost doggo. “I need your help Tucson,” Collins said, desperately asking for the audience to help him.

12. Hoping

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“I appreciate if you’d get her back to me,” he continued as he was informing the audience of News 4 Tucson about his offer of the one-bedroom home. He believed, that due to the big audience and the huge offer, there would be finally someone that would bring him and Jenny together again.

11. A Questionable Offer

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After his announcement, many were those that questioned his decision as they thought that he took it too far. They believed that it was too much to offer a one-bedroom home to find a lost dog. According to them, a cash reward should be enough.

10. The Supporters


However, others found Collins’s decision very heartwarming and some claimed that they would do the same for their beloved pets, too. Many said that the pure love of a pet deserves everything and that Collins has formed a very strong and pure bond with his pooch to do this.

9. A Matter Of Perspective


“Whether it be a chipmunk or a squirrel. It depends on the person that owns that animal and what they care for. For me, it’s not about material things, it’s about her,” he explained at the News 4 Tucson.

8. The Response


So, as a response to those who questioned his decision to give up so much according to them, he said, “Life matters no matter what it is.” He believed that his puppy’s life deserved to be fought for no matter what the cost would be, as she had given him so much of her pure love.

7. Time Means Nothing


Even though Jenny was only two years old, she and Collins had managed to become inseparable and unable to stay away from each other. So, when Jenny got lost, Collins was devastated and wanted to do anything in his powers to get her back and be together again.

6. Endless Tries


So, it was inevitable that Collins would fight to get her back, but things were really difficult, no matter what the reward to whoever would find her was. But Collins didn’t lose his hope and continued searching day and night. “She’s a loved one,” Collins explained.

5. Convincing


“She’s part of my family,” he continued, trying to make those that looked at him with disbelief, understand that he meant every single word he said and that he was willing to give to anyone who would manage to reunite him and his dog the one-bedroom home.

4. Not A Jock

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He wasn’t joking. The only thing that mattered to him was his precious dog that had been missing for so long. Nothing was more important than little Jenny and her safety and Collins was ready to do anything for that.

3. Understandable

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Except for Collins, there are also many pet owners that would probably do the same thing, as they can understand the pain of losing your beloved company.

2. Giving Up Everything

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So for Collins, there was nothing that could stop him from finding his long lost pet even if he had to give up everything for that cause.

1. Hope For the Best


Everyone hopes that collins will someday find his best friend and that they will never be apart again!