While Africa might be a beautiful place filled with amazing sceneries and incredible animals that can’t be found anywhere else, Africa is also a harsh place. Animals need to always be on the move and watch out for incoming predators. This is why sticking with a pack is essential. Sadly, this wasn’t possible for an adorable elephant cub who was sick. Her pack left her behind and she needed to survive all by herself. On the bright side of things, everything took a turn for the better once the small elephant made a new best friend.

20. Beautiful Africa


If there is one thing that everyone knows and loves about Africa, then it has to be how beautiful it looks. There aren’t that many other places in the world that can even compare to the beauty of Africa. However, we shouldn’t be fooled by this because living in Africa is difficult.

19. Meet Little Ellie


This little elephant is named Ellie and unfortunately, she was left behind by her pack. She is sick and the elephants probably felt like she was slowing them down. This is the harsh reality of Africa.

18. All Alone


Little Ellie didn’t have a pack anymore and her chances to survive all alone were slim, especially since she wasn’t feeling that well. She needed to get help and she needed it ASAP.

17. Getting Rescued


Fortunately, the rescue group Thula Private Game Reserve heard about Ellie’s problems and decided to take her in. They were going to provide the adorable elephant with all the help she needed to get better.

16. A New Life


Ellie was set to start a new life but this didn’t work out too well. You see, elephants are social animals and they need to be in a pack in order to feel well. Ellie was left behind and this ruined her confidence.

15. New Friends

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The animal rescuers did their best to accommodate Ellie and to make her feel comfortable. They spent all their free time playing with the small elephant but to no avail. Ellie needed to befriend someone like her in order to feel better.

14. A Healthy Lifestyle

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It wasn’t just heartbreaking to see that Ellie is sad, it was also bad because Ellie needed to move around in order to finally start leading a healthier life. After seeing that the cute but sad adorable didn’t want to move at all, the animal rescuers knew that they had to do something about it.

13. The Real Problem

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The real problem is not that Ellie doesn’t have someone to play with, but that she is not feeling well at all. Not just that, she doesn’t want to eat all her food because she is sad. This is why the animal rescuers needed to come up with a solution ASAP.

12. Everything Changes

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Out of nowhere, everything changed and Ellie was feeling better than ever. No one knew what was going on, but it all made sense when they heard a bark come from Ellie’s enclosure.

11. Meet Duma

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Without the rescuers even knowing about it, Ellie made friends with a dog named Duma. No one could believe what was going on but they were happy that Ellie finally had someone to make her feel happy.

10. Former Police Dog

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What’s great about this friendship is that Duma is a former police dog. She has been trained to feel when people are scared and the animal rescuers believe that this is the reason why Duma sneaked inside the little elephant’s enclosure.

9. Having Fun

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Now that Ellie had a new best friend, she was having fun all day long. The adorable elephant would run with Duma in the national reserve and only stop to drink some water. Ellie is having the time of her life!

8. Inseparable

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It didn’t take long for Ellie and Duma to become inseparable. They slept together, ate together and have fun together. The friendship with Duma has helped the elephant forget about being left behind by her pack.

7. Feeling Better

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Since Ellie was feeling better, she also started eating. This is great news because the food contained the medicine that Ellie needed in order to get rid of her sickness.

6. Great Dog

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We think it’s safe to say that Duma is a great dog. She put it all on the line in order to befriend a sad animal and the most amazing thing about this is that Duma did it all on instinct. No one told her to do it!

5. Healthy Elephant

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Ellie is now healthy and she is having the best of time with Duma by her side. These two were meant for each other and there is no doubt about that.

4. True Friendship

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The story of Ellie the abandoned elephant shows us just how important it is to have a best friend. That friend is always going to be there for you, no matter what.

3. A Second Shot

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Another great thing about this story is that Ellie has decided to give life a second shot. She is eating everything from her bowl and she has something to look forward every day and that is to play with Duma.

2. Getting Bigger

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Let’s hope that once Ellie gets bigger and learns how to take care of herself, the animal rescuers might bring her back to the pack that left her behind. Ellie is going to show everyone how confident she is!

1. Big and Strong


We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Ellie is healthy and if she keeps eating everything in her bowl, she is going to be big just like her parents.