Divers, often come very close with some majestic sea creatures and they enjoy it very much. Moreover, they are trained to deal with any situation without panicking. However, when a giant manta ray approached a diver, he didn’t know what to do with this huge creature, but then he found out the shocking truth. Make sure not to miss #15, #12 and #11!

20. A Usual Day At Work


It was just an ordinary day for a group of divers that were watching the marine life when something unexpected happened and everyone was terrified. Click next to find out more!

19. The Horrifying Visitor


Well, what had terrified the divers was a giant and unexpected visitor. The team was trying to be calm while the creature was approaching them. But, what was it?

18. A Giant Manta Ray!


Yes! The terrifying visitor was a giant manta ray and it was approaching one specifically diver! It seemed that it wanted something from him. Click next to find what happened next!

17. It Wasn’t Harmful At All


The three-meter-wide giant manta ray started slowing down when he was a little bit further from the diver and it seemed that it hadn’t had bad intentions. So, when the manta ray was close enough, the diver understood immediately what was happening.

16. Needing Help


The diver that the manta ray approached was also the snorkeling guide and his name was Jake Wilton. So, when the sea creature flipped over, floating still on the water, Jake was surprised to see that the poor animal wanted some help.

15. It Was In Pain


The poor creature wanted Jake to help it because it had some fish hooks stuck in her right eye and it was in pain. The diver, knew very well that he had to help that gentle giant that was in need and that’s what he did.

14. Removing The Hooks


Thankfully, there was a video of that heartwarming incident that took place in Western Australia’s northwest coast in Ningaloo Reef. The manta ray stood as still as possible for the diver to help it and Jake managed to carefully remove the fish hooks.

13. Finally Free



So, after the diver removed the fish hooks, the manta ray swam happily away without being in pain anymore. No one could believe what had just happened!

12. A Very Clever Manta Ray


“That manta absolutely understood what was going on. Jake went down again and again and she just remained still for him,” said enthusiastically the British marine biologist, Monty Halls, who was on the boat at that time.

11. The Footage


And as we mentioned before, the divers were able to capture what happened, and the footage was uploaded for all of us to see by Ningaloo Marine Interactions, which is the company Jake works for.

10. A Duty


Although this experience was extraordinary, Jake claims that for him it was his job to help the poor creature. “I’m often guiding snorkellers in the area and it’s as if she recognized me and was trusting me to help her,” he added.

9. Being Careful


“She got closer and closer and then started unfurling to present the eye to me. I knew we had to get the hooks out or she would have been in big trouble. I went for a few dives down to see how she’d react to me being close to her,” he explained.

8. The Manta Ray Was Calm


So when he saw that the giant manta ray wasn’t anxious around him and it was calm, he proceeded to take the hooks out from this poor animal’s eye.

7. Still Shocked


Jake was still surprised about how calm the creature was even though it was in pain. “The manta stayed completely still in the water,” he told us.

6. Very Impressed


Another marine biology, who also lectures at the University Of Plymouth named David Boyle, was extremely impressed about the manta ray’s behavior. “It’s pretty incredible behavior if this is what happened,” he said.

5. A Novel


“It’s not uncommon for animals – generally mammals – to interact with divers but for one in distress to seek out assistance would be novel indeed,” he added enthusiastically!

4. Mistaken


Many mistake manta rays to stingrays, something that it’s completely false. Manta rays don’t have an external spike and they are very clever. Moreover, they are harmless to humans.

3. A Gentle Giant


However, that incident was heartwarming and showed to everyone how gentle and king this giant creature was. He didn’t want to harm anyone, he just wanted some help.

2. A Brave Action


Thankfully, Jake was brave enough to trust the manta ray and help it, as according to some experts, manta ray’s eye was possible to get infected and lead it to death.

1. The Best Experience


After the incident, everyone was shocked by what had happened and very excited, too. That manta ray made everyone love marine life a bit more!