Mike Cardenaz was enjoying his summer morning in Grovetown, Georgia when he heard something strange coming from the flower garden that he had grown in his backyard. When he got outside, he saw something strange between the flowers. Little did he know that this was the beginning to a very unusual friendship! See what an incredible thing Mike did!

20. Mike Cardenaz


Mike Cardenaz was living in Grovetown, Georgia when something incredible happened to him. Mike was a former SWAT officer and has served in many states. He was called “The Tough Guy” of the neighborhood. But there is more!

19. He’s A Tough Guy


You may already guess that Mike was a tough guy, and he indeed was as you would expect from a former SWAT officer. On top of that, he had multiple tattoos and he was into muscle car driving. Not the guy you would want to argue with! But he had a soft ride…

18. His Soft Ride


Mike’s soft side was that he couldn’t help but always devote himself into saving animals in need. He had saved numerous sick and injured animals through the years and he himself admitted that this was his soft ride… How is this all connected to our story?

17. Flowers


Mike was keeping a garden in his backyard and he was a fan of flowers. He had planted many varieties and he was constantly taking care of them. The flowers attracted many birds that stopped there to rest and Mike loved that! One day this happened!

16. He Noticed Something


It was an ordinary day for Mike and he was sitting in his backyard enjoying the summer sun. Suddenly he heard a pair of wings flapping and he realized that this was coming from his flower garden. Upon looking closely, he noticed something strange!

15. A Sick Hummingbird


There was a sick hummingbird trapped between his flowers that seemed unable to move. Mike immediately helped the bird get out of there but there was still a problem. The bird seemed unable to fly! Mike had to do something…


14. Taking It Inside The House


Mike, as mentioned before could do everything to help animals in need. Without hesitation, he took the little bird inside his house to see what was wrong with it. The poor bird seemed to be sick and Mike knew exactly what to do!


13. He Called The Vet


Mike was constantly saving animals so he had plenty of vets that he regularly consulted when the need arose. Mike called his Vet friend for advice. The vet came to the conclusion that the bird just needed some rest and to be fed and hydrated accordingly.


12. Recovery


Mike spent the rest of the day taking care of the little bird, making sure to feed it and let it rest. He also made sure that the little birds were being hydrated enough and things started to look better quickly.


11. Hummingbirds



Hummingbirds are the tiniest bird to exist on planet earth measuring just 3–5 inches long. They’re named hummingbirds because of the humming like sound that is generated when they flap their tiny wings. As you guess nursing hummingbirds is really hard because of their fragile nature.

10. Released It Back


It took 8 weeks for the hummingbird to completely recover and Mike developed a special connection with it. As he admitted later, it became a part of his family as he was spending many hours with it every day. When the time was right and Mike was sure that the hummingbird would be safe on its own, it was time to release it back in the wild.

9. One Year Later




This story would end here but to everyone surprise, something amazing happened just 1 year after Mike rescued the hummingbird. Mike continued with his everyday life after the bird left but one year later this happened…


8. It Came Back!


The hummingbird had returned back! Mike couldn’t believe his eyes that his friend came back to visit him again after 1 whole year! But was he sure it was the same bird?

7. The Same Bird


Mike had to be sure that it wasn’t just a friendly hummingbird that visited him so he brought it inside and compared it to the photos he had taken just 1 year before! It was crystal clear that it was the same bird!

6. Named It Buzz


Mike was ecstatic to be again with his special friend. He then did something amazing! He decided to name it Buzz and he is calling it like this up to this day. What happened next will amaze you!

5. The Following Year


The hummingbird soon left and Mike thought that he would never see Buzz again. After one year he was anxiously expecting him to show up again. Guess what!

4. It Kept Coming Back All The Way


Mike was shocked to see that his friend came back again! It was made clear that Buzz decided to pay an annual visit to his rescuer. Mike couldn’t believe this!

3. Unusual Friends


It was obvious that a very unusual friendship had formed! Mike and Buzz seemed to be very happy to see each other even if it was only for one day!

2. He’s Waiting For It Again


As of 2019, Mike is expecting his friend to visit him again. He’d done it for two years straight after all, why not this year too?

1. Thanks To Michael


It was thanks to Mike that Buzz had a chance to continue his life and he surely made Mike understand just how grateful he was! Mike continues up to this day to help animals in need but Buzz will always be his number 1!