The moon has always been a really interesting and intriguing subject to talk about. There are many conspiracy theories that make us wonder what’s true and what’s a lie. However, here are some moon facts that might make you see the outer space with new eyes. Make sure not to miss #17, #15 and definitely #12!

20. This Is A Man’s World

In 1996, was the first successful landing of mankind on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Since then, it has been reported that only 12 people have been to the moon, but none of them was a woman. Moreover, another interesting fact is that no one has ever walked on the moon twice! Click next to find out more about what happens in the mystery wold of the outer space!

19. Afterlife On The Moon

For many years, we have been searching for alternative burial options. Along with underwater, we started thinking about the moon. Since 1992, there have been 450 people’s ashes shot into orbit, but now we started thinking about making the moon a burial ground. Interesting isn’t it? Wait to see the next fact!

18. “Buried” On The Moon

In 1998, Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, geologist, and astronomer died. Nasa, in order to honor him, decided to send his ashes to the surface of the moon. So, that year, the Lunar Prospector took off from the South Pole and arrived at the moon after one year and Nasa crashed the spacecraft there.

17. Full Of Trash

As sad as it may sound, mankind managed to leave trash on the surface of the moon, too. Most of them are debris from the experiments and the people that have visited the moon. However, it is really shocking to think that the surface of the moon has 181,437 kilograms of manmade objects lying there. Moreover, except for the equipment, there have been found, a golden olive branch, some golf balls, a falcon feather and also some containers of human feces.

16. Pink Floyd Lied!

Yes! There is no dark side of the moon! According to scientists, the fact that we only see just one side of the moon doesn’t mean that the other one is dark. In fact, the whole moon sees the exact same amount of sunlight, no matter what side we see. It has been all a lie!

15. Bye, Bye Moon

As time passes, it seems that the moon is drifting away from the earth, and that is due to the earth’s tides. The rate that it drifts away is about 3.78cm per year and that can cause earth being really unstable. However, for now, the distance between the earth and the moon isn’t causing a problem, but in the long run, it might will.

14. Looking Like An Egg

There have been many talks through the years about Moon’s shape and even though it seems to be a perfect sphere, it looks actually more like an egg! “because the moon’s center of mass is actually a few miles closer to Earth than its actual geometric center.” said the Business Insider in order to explain why it is shaped like this.

13. Living On The Moon

Have you ever considered living on the moon? Well NASA is planning to colonize the moon. They claim that by the year 2022, the moon will start colonizing, at first by 10 people and gradually there will be more. They believe that in ten years from now, the citizens of the moon will be about 100!

12. The Colors Of The Lunar Eclipse

Have you ever seen a lunar eclipse? The colors of the moon are pretty different from those we are used to seeing in a regular night. These colors are caused due to the atmosphere of the earth! The sunlight goes through the earth and as a result, it is filtered giving the moon a reddish tone.

11. We Don’t Se All Of The Moon

According to scientists, humans can see only about 59 percent of the moon. That happens because the moon rotates on its axis. However, we are able to see 59 percent and not only 50 percent of its surface because of a phenomenon called libration that allows humans to see just a bit over the edge of the moon and not just the one side.

10. Different Shadows

It has been noticed that the shadows seem to be darker on the surface of the moon than on earth. This happens because the earth has her atmosphere that filters the light, something that is absent from the moon. As a result, astronauts claimed that their shadows were completely black and they could see nothing through them.

9. The First Recording About The Moon

Moon and outer space, in general, had always been a mystery for mankind and where there is a mystery, people want to talk about it. So the first recording that mentioned the moon was in 1860, made by a French inventor and bookseller, named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. This man made a phonautograph clip that lasted about ten seconds, of the French folk song, called “Au Claire de la Lune”, which means “In the light of the moon.”

8. The Moon Dust

It seems that the moon has a lot of dust on its surface that due to its texture and gravity sticks to everything. The astronaut,  Harrison Schmitt that breathed it by accident, was diagnosed with “lunar hay fever.” Scientist claim that the moon dust is very. harmful and it affects your lungs really bad.

7. Nuclear Explosion On The Moon?

Yes! Back in ’50’s USA was considering destroying the moon with nuclear weapons.  That plan was known as Project A119. It was during the Cold War and this experiment was thought as a way of showing strength. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

6. The Moon And Its Mountains

The surface of the moon is full of mountains, but they haven’t been created by magma or tectonic action as ours have. Most of them have been the result of asteroid craters. The tallest mountain on the moon is named Mons Huygens, and it measures about 4700 meters tall.

5.  Earthquakes On The Moon

Earthquakes happen in the earth due to Earth’s gravitational pull, but surprisingly scientists have found some small moonquakes that make them believe the moon might also have a molten core like earth.

4. The Moon And Mental Health

In Middle Age, there was a belief that the moon is linked with the mental health and that’s the origin of the word “lunatic”. Moreover, they believed that seizures, fever, and rheumatism were caused due to a full moon.

3. The Moon Trees

It seems that on the Apollo 14 mission, an astronaut had the idea to take seeds from the earth of different kind of trees and see how they would react. He took with him about 400-500 seeds of Sycamore, Loblolly Pine, Douglas Fir, Redwood, and Sweetgum. When they came back the moon trees were in great condition and they were planned in the USA.

2. Footprints

Due to the lack of atmosphere a wind, there is a remarkable thing happening on the surface of the moon. Even though there have been many decades that someone walked on the moon, the footprints of the astronauts that had visited it are in perfect condition!

1. Moon’s Timezone

Moon’s timezone is called Lunar Standard Time and it started when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Its timezone consists 12 lunar days, which names are the names of all the astronauts that had walked on the moon. Each day in the moon consists of 30 lunar cycles, that one lunar cycle represents 23 hours and 37 minutes on Earth timezone.