We’ve all found some really bizarre and strange things while swimming in the sea or lake or even a river. But some things that people have discovered through the years would bring chills to everyone that even see a photo of them. These things are nightmares for every sea lover that need to be seen in order to be believed!

20. Neolithic Village


A few years ago, researchers found an abandoned underwater village that is believed that it dates back to the neolithic period. It was found near Atlit, Israel and it’s full of rectangle buildings, dry stone-walled wells, and objects made from animal bones! It is believed that this ancient village was abandoned after a huge tsunami hit it following the explosion of a nearby volcano! Pompei underwater!

19. The Actual Sea Floor


The origins of this astonishing creation are still debated up to this day! Some say that it’s a creation of nature but some people propose that it may be an architectural wonder of the ancient world made by humans! Whether or not it was made by tectonic plate movements or human activities it’s still a very creepy place to even look at.

18. Ancient Egyptian City


Diving deep into the vast ocean is creepy by itself but imagine diving into the depths of the ocean and suddenly discover a city that looks so similar to ancient Alexandria or Cairo. What is more creepy is that all of its buildings, statues and artifacts have stayed intact through the years. It’s insanely creepy!

17. Weird Huge Eye


This bizarre huge eye was found floating in the surface of the ocean and it required more than two people to bring it to the shore because of its size and weight. It dwarfs giant squid’s eyes and there are many rumors that want it to be the eye of a mythical creature or the eye of a terrifying extinct species.

16. Antikythera Mechanism


Some say that this is the world’s most ancient analog computer! Found at the shore of Antikythera in Greece this weird object baffled scientists for centuries before they were able to make a safe assumption out of it. Still not something you’d casually sea at the bottom of the sea!

15. BlobFish


Even though this looks like it came out of a horror book, the blobfish is 100% real and looks insanely creepy and disturbing. No one would want to swim this thing!

14. Creepy Statues


Imagine scuba diving and suddenly seeing a large army of statues many feet long. Though statues don’t necessarily creep people out, seeing many of them abandoned at the bottom of the ocean surely would scare everyone to death!

13. Sank Boat In The Arctic


Shipwrecks are themselves considered very creepy especially if they’ve spent many hundreds of years at the bottom of the sea. Like this Brazilian boat that believes that it was sunk in the Artist at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s creepy enough to have become a tourist attraction today!

12. Vampire Squid


While looking like an ordinary squid, the vampire squid is surely not a creature you want to encounter! Its size may not scare you but if it becomes aggressive and opens it’s full of teeth mouth you’ll be swimming towards the shore in seconds!

11. Big Red Jellyfish


Thankfully this creature lives deep into the ocean and it’s virtually impossible for you to encounter something like this while swimming on the beach. Who knows though! This jellyfish is 3-feet long and uses its huge arms to catch and eat his prey!

10. A Monster?


This bizarre creature had inspired may mythical monsters and had been the subject of many creepy stories and rumors. Basically, this carnivore creature has its name for a reason as it uses it to suck the blood of its victims!

9. Thrill Frill


This creepy shark-looking creature has not been seen for years and there are speculations that it had gone extinct! Though it’s believed that it swims only in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean no one has seen it recently. It prefers to hunt and eat like a snake… an underwater snake! How creepy is that!

8. Ancient Underwater City Of Pavlopetri


This ancient underwater city found on the southern coast of Greece gives the impression that this city was a trading hub during the bronze age. But upon investigating further archaeologists found neolithic pottery and other artifacts that implied that it must have been more than 1,000 older than it was originally thought!

7. Underwater River


The black sea is itself very bizarre and creepy but what if I told you that there is an underwater river just below the surface? This weird phenomenon happens because the saltiness of the river makes it denser than the rest of the black sea’s water. If it was on the surface it would be the 6th largest river!

6. Bering Sea


While the underwater river is impressive you have to see this underwater canyon. It can be proven that it is underwater only if you view it from space!

5. Bamini Road

Bamini road is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Bahamas and it’s an underwater path discovered in the 1930s. Some say that this path once led to the lost city of Atlantis!

4. ‘Britain’s Atlantis’


While the original mythical Atlantis is nowhere to be found, Britain’s Atlantis seems to be the closest thing we’ve ever come to Atlantis. This enormous landmass -it is believed that it was occupied by mammoths- submerged into the ocean more than 8.500 years ago!

3. Black Smokes


There are some bizarre natural formations between Norway and Greenland found deep in the ocean. These formations that look like chimneys are formed when the seawater meets the magma and for the creepiest part, they spit out black smoke out of them!

2. Ghost Fleet


The ghost fleet is found in the Caroline Islands in the pacific ocean and it mostly consists of several Japanese ships and aircraft wrecks that had been destroyed during WWII. Not only creepy but very historically significant!

1. The Great Blue Hole


The great blue hole is an astonishing piece of natural beauty found in Belize. It’s one of the largest natural sinkholes to have ever been discovered and it attracts millions of tourists every year!